Extreme Saturday Tournament against Bourne Bombshell

Would your team like to apply to play in an intermediate level (b team level) WFTDA aligned tournament?

Bourne Bombshells are looking
to invite 3 other Teams to play Bourne Bombshells at Extreme on Saturday 16th July. We will be playing the tournament across the day. Each team will play 3 other teams in short format games (30 min games with 15 skaters per game/team).

As we are organising Extreme so last minute this year, due to the local council only just confirming we can have the event, we have been unable to arrange any sponsorship. We are asking each team if they would pay £75 to play, this will help us pay for the backup hall (for bad weather) and the medics for the weekend.

Games will start at 10am and finish at around 5.30pm. The schedule for Saturday will be as follows:
10am A vs B – Tournament game
10.45am C vs D – Tournament game

11.30am Rookie game (Apply to play game)

1pm A vs C – Tournament game
1.45pm B vs D – Tournament game

2.30pm Junior Game (Apply to play game)

4pm A vs D – Tournament game
4.45pm B vs C – Tournament game

If you would like to apply to play please message us via our socials by Friday 3rd June.