New Junior Rookie Intake Session

Eastbourne Roller Derby would like to welcome anyone aged 8 to 17 to come along to our new intake session for a free trial.

When is it?
Tuesday 20 July from 7:30pm to 9pm.

Where is it?
Y Centre, St Pauls Road, St Leonards, TN37 6RS

What do I need to bring?
– quad skates (not inlines)
– helmet
– wrist guards
– elbow pads
– knee pads
– water
– snacks

If you would like to borrow kit, please let us know in advance by emailing us.

Julie English (Derby name Drag-N-Fly)
Head coach for Juniors
Trained skating coach 
Current DBS for Newbournes
Current child protection and safeguarding training 

Emma Halford(Derby name Bullet)
Coach for Adults and juniors
Trained skater coach date
Current DBS 

Avril Sacco (Derby name Avril Le Mean)
Coach assistance 
Current DBS
Current Safeguarding and child protection training Head shot to follow

Join our New Bournes Facebook Group for more information.

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